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Our focus on ethics in class this week demonstrated to me how much I’ve benefited from being a part of the SI community as it hashes out current events and ethical dilemmas in the field of information work. I was also reflecting on the ways in which listservs and other online communication have opened up avenues for discussion.

I’m a longtime listserv and message board lurker, but I have been making an effort to become more involved in online discussion, which is getting easier as I gain more comfortability and expertise with information and library science-related topics. I joined Twitter earlier this year, and I’ve been pleasantly challenged by its format to produce thoughtful, concise commentary and discussion with peers and info professionals. Besides, it’s a fun exercise in brevity for me, a (somewhat rusty!) former headline writer.

Two SI listserv threads in particular came to mind this week as we discussed ethical standards in librarianship: one on the recent “homeless hotspot” controversy at SXSW, and one from a few weeks ago about a GPS mobile app that directs users to avoid specific walking routes based on crime statistics. The latter thread inspired a panel discussion this week at SI that I heard great things about! Unfortunately, I had to miss it due to work, but I participated in discussion via Twitter.

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"Inner Circle" by jronaldlee via Flickr

It was hard to organize my thoughts this week in response to our readings on the values and standards of librarianship, and how to approach ethical dilemmas that challenge those values.

I kept picturing those Russian nesting dolls, where concepts lead to other concepts and questions: ethics relates to professional identity relates to institutional identity relates to politics relates to activism relates to personal identity.

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