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"Bent" by Dirk Dallas via Flickr

After facilitating a book club discussion this week, I was thinking about how much of my experience being a group leader in a classroom setting has been shaped by my few semesters of teaching experience.

I’ve written a bit before about my time as a teaching assistant for college writing & rhetoric. I realize looking back on it, that my style of discussion facilitation came about in part because I needed to offer what one of my teaching mentors refers to as a “field of words” — a running narration by the teacher to provide context, point out intriguing passages in a text, ask questions, play devil’s advocate, etc., in order to lay the groundwork for a student to feel comfortable enough to jump into the conversation.
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We’ve got a tremendous variety of reading selections for this week’s book club. I’m looking forward to the small group discussions — like the high school students described in last week’s reading on Socratic Seminars, I find that debate among peers can be incredibly instructive and push me to see things in a new way or to reconsider my ideas.

My group’s selections range from The Federalist Papers, which I don’t think I’ve read since ninth-grade history, to one of my all-time favorite short stories “A Perfect Day for Bananafish” by J.D. Salinger.

I’ll touch on some details and questions that struck me as I read our stories and articles in preparation for discussion.

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